FKTU President Urges PARK Administration to Stop Regressive Labor Policies

by fktu posted May 03, 2016


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FKTU President Urges PARK Administration to Stop Regressive Labor Policies

- May Day Rally Organized by FKTU -


The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) organized a May Day Rally in front of the City Hall, Downtown Seoul on 1 May 2016 with 50,000 union members participating.


KIM Dongman, President of the FKTU, denounced the government in his opening speech by saying that the result of the April 13 general election was the right judgement by workers against the arrogant and self-righteous attitudes of the incumbent administration and the ruling party. He blamed that the PARK Administration had bluntly interfered in industrial relations in order to push ahead with the regressive labor policies including the two unjustified guidelines on general layoffs and unilateral change of employment rules.


He went on to say, "The government has recently attempted to implement corporate restructuring in shipbuilding and shipping industry with the excuse of financial difficulties. The restructuring plan is only relying on the unilateral sacrifice of workers."


Especially, he highlighted the importance of struggles against the performance-based annual wage system for the public and financial sectors, saying that the recent government's move will undermine the public nature of public services and will have negative impacts on people's safety and lives.


He urged the government to immediately stop the regressive labour policies and implement measures for economic democracy, fair taxation and tax reforms, social safety nets, decent job creating and reduction of working hours.


The participants adopted a resolution in which they expressed a firm commitment to defend fundamental workers' rights and decent lives. The rally was followed by a street march,


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