FKTU Resumes Sit-in in Protest Against Regressive Labor Market Reform

by FKTU posted Oct 05, 2016


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The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) resumed a sit-in in front of the National Assembly to block the Government's unilateral move on the performance-based wage system and the two unilateral guidelines.


The government has implemented the performance-based wage system without specific criteria of judgment in the public and the financial sectors.


The government's guideline on the so-called impartial human resources management is intended for employers to dismiss workers without objective criteria.

Another guideline on the rules of employment is also illegal because it ignores the principle that employers should obtain workers' consent if they make a change in the employment rules in workplace.


Mr. KIM Dong-man, President of FKTU said, "We will abolish the two government's illegal guidelines by launching a sit-in and a struggle with all members of FKTU and urge the Minister of Employment and Labor to resign."


A rally is organized by the leadership and all secretariat together with affiliated unions everyday. The leadership has restarted one-person protest in front of the National Assembly.


The FKTU had also lunched a sit-in last year for 47 days in order to block the government's regressive labor market reform.


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