Mr. Juyoung KIM Elected As FKTU New President

by FKTU posted Jan 25, 2017


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Mr. Juyoung KIM Elected As FKTU New President


The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) held its 26th electoral convention on 24 January 2017 and elected Mr. Juyoung Kim as new President. His running mate Mr. Sungkyung LEE was also elected as new General Secretary.


The newly elected leadership made several reform-oriented campaign pledges including reform of Korean society through reigme change, labour law reforms for the alleviation of social polarization and discrimination, construction of stronger and harmonious organization, support for union members' political activities, etc.


The new leadership will begin its three-year term on 31 January 2017.


<Brief CVs>


● President-elect (Mr. Juyoung KIM)

- Served as President of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Union (four terms)

- Served as Co-chair of Movement for Anti-privatization of National Key Industries

- Currently serve as President of Federation of Korean Public Industry Trade Unions (three terms)


● General Secretary-elect (Mr. Sungkyung LEE)

- Served as President of Michelin Tire Korea Union

- Served as President of Nexen Tire Union

- Currently serve as Federation of Korean Rubber Workers' Unions


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