Conclusion of a policy agreement with the presidential candidate

by FKTU posted Jul 17, 2017


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Conclusion of a policy agreement with the presidential candidate


The FKTU Signed a Policy Pact with Liberal Candidate Moon Jae-in During the May Day Ceremony

Cooperation for Moon's Presidential Race Victory and the Establishment of an Equal, Fair, and Welfare-Based Korea in which Labor is Respected

Improvement of Unlawful Administrative Guidelines in the Early Stages and Revision of Laws via Social Dialogue

Separate May Day Ceremonies Held by Regions


The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) and presidential candidate Moon Jae-in of the Minjoo Party of Korea signed a policy solidarity pact, pledging their joint commitment to recognition of the value of labor and Moon's victory in the upcoming presidential election.   


On May 1st, in its meeting of the Central Executive Committee held in FKTU Hall, the FKTU celebrated the 127th World Labor Day and signed a solidarity pact with front-runner candidate Moon Jae-in, of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea. The pact consisted of four items and hoped for the candidate’s victory in the presidential race and a Korean society respecting of labor. The FKTU decided on its support of Moon through a vote of its members.


With the policy pact, the FKTU and Moon confirmed their joint commitment and cooperation to achieving sustainable and balanced development with social solidarity in Korea as well as the establishment of a unified country which respects the value of labor and guarantees equality and welfare.   


To this end, the FKTU ensured that it would fully support Moon in the 19th presidential election and make organizational efforts for his victory. For his part, Moon promised that he would not hesitate in abolishing unlawful administrative guidelines immediately upon being elected president. He also added that he would implement twelve tasks laid out in the policy pact during his term.


For implementation of the policy tasks, the FKTU and Moon decided to establish a policy consulting body, which would hold regular meetings, as soon as Moon's victory in the presidential election was confirmed.


In their joint declaration, the FKTU and Moon agreed to the following: the urgent striving toward the establishment of an industrial ecosystem where coexistence and co-prosperity are achieved to realize economic democratization; the full protection of basic labor rights, representation of interests of all workers, and reinforcement of worker protection; the guarantee of a decent minimum wage; the creation of decent jobs; the reduction of working hours; and the achievement of employment stability. In addition, the two insisted that policy tasks requiring administrative measures would be tackled in the early phase of Moon's term, and revision of relevant laws would be made through social dialogue.


In the commemoration ceremony, FKTU President Kim Joo-young said, "The FKTU took a vote in order to make a country where workers are treated properly, and in which neither discrimination nor cheating are allowed. The vote demonstrated our members' strong will and enthusiastic participation, and will become the foundation for the correction of improper practices in the past, as well as to unity and solidarity within the FKTU."


President Kim went on to declare the FKTU’s support for Moon Jae-in in the presidential election and urged its members to gather their power to ensure Moon’s victory in order to build a country in which labor is respected, and the goals of equality, welfare, and unification are fulfilled.


In his response, Moon stated that the power which had led Korea to becoming the world’s 11th largest economy had not been based in dictatorship, government officials, or even conglomerates, but rather in the workers who had sacrificed themselves in the name of industry. He promised that his administration would never compel workers to sacrifice themselves for the sake of economic growth.


Moon announced four policies aimed at achieving respect for labor within the country: a transformation of workers into the dignified owners of the society; the creation of an environment in which workers do not need to worry about poverty; a significant decrease in the number of non-regular workers and the creation of an environment free of discrimination; and the prevention against workers losing their lives in the workplace.


Finally, Moon declared that "we are all workers, our parents were workers, and our children will be workers,"and stressed that “a country which is good for workers is a good country, and the dignified owner of a new Korea will be the workers.”


Meanwhile, FKTU President Kim Joo-young was appointed as a joint-chief campaigner and president of the Labor Hope Office of the Minjoo Party's central election committee for the 19th presidential election.


The FKTU will launch a number of initiatives working toward Moon's victory in the election. It will set up special bodies working toward victory at the central, industrial, and regional levels; hold supporting events and press conference at the industrial and regional levels; declare support and issue supporting statements at the workplace level; encourage its members and their families to vote; participate in local presidential campaigns; promote its presidential candidate via the Internet and SMS; and post FKTU newsflashes and banners.


May 1, 2017

Federation of Korean Trade Unions


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