FKTU holds a Marathon in celebration of the 128th May day

by FKTU posted May 03, 2018


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The Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU) held a Marathon under the theme of 'Achieving safety at work, creating decent job and establishing a society where labour is respected' in celebration of the 128th May Day in Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul on May 1 2018.


The marathon was attended by some 10,000 people including FKTU members, their family members, migrant workers and ordinary citizens.


Kim Ju-young, President of the FKTU, said in his opening speech, "In celebration of the 128th May Day, we pay respect to all those who made sacrifices in fighting for the basic rights at work. We also convey our message of solidarity to all workers in the world." He continued to say "We had a tough time with the previous government's anti-labour policies for the past five years. However, we have had a greater expectation for the society respecting labour since President Moon Jae-in came to power." "FKTU will continue to be in the vanguard of building that society." he pledged.


Many prominent figures including the chairman of the National Assembly, labour minister, the mayor of Seoul City and members of the National Assembly joined the FKTU marathon.




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