Inter-Korean Workers’ Unification Football Match Successfully Held in Seoul after a 3-year Pause

by FKTU posted Aug 23, 2018


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Inter-Korean Workers’ Unification Football Match (“Match”) was held in Seoul from August 10 to 12, 2018. The footballers from FKTU, KCTU of South Korea and NKGFT(North Korean General Federation of Trade Unions) participated in the Match. The first Match was held in Pyeongyang in 1999, and two additional Matches were held in Changwon and Pyeongyang in 2007 and 2015, respectively. The recent Match was held in three years. The Match had been paused for a while during the inter-Korean relationship cooled-off. However, the Match has been going on, showing how eager the workers of the two Korea were about achieving the unified Korea.


The recent Match, held under the theme of materializing the recent announcement from the inter-Korean summit, was the first large-scale private exchange event organized by the three major labor organizations and paved a road to more private sector inter-Korean exchanges in various areas in the future.


On the last day of the Match, the 3 labor organizations adopted and announced a joint agreement on additional activities. FKTU will carry out various projects for the exchange between workers of the two Koreas to materialize the announcement from the recent inter-Korean summit and actively promote its affiliates to engage in the inter-Korean exchange events.



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