FKTU Hosts the 1356th Regular Wednesday Demonstration for the Resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue

by FKTU posted Oct 11, 2018


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The FKTU hosted the 1356th regular Wednesday demonstration for the resolution of the japanese military sexual slavery issue in front of the Japanese embassy at noon on 10 October. The Wednesday demonstration has been held every Wednesday since 1992.


People who gathered at the demonstration called for the abrogation of 'the 2015 agreement between Korean and Japanese governments regarding Korean comfort women' and the dissolution of the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation, which was set up with Japanese funds. In addition, they urged the Korean government to make more efforts to solve this issue.


FKTU president Kim Ju-young said in his speech, "there is no future for people who forgot their past or history." "We strongly urge the government to come up with the solution which can convince victims. The FKTU is committed to resolving this issue in a fair and transparent manner" he added.


The FKTU has raised the issue with ILO in 1995 as a non-compliance of ILO Convention on Forced Labor(No. 29) which the Japanese government ratified in 1932 but failed to find a solution mainly due to the strong opposition by the Japanese employers. This year again, the FKTU, together with KCTU, submitted comments to the Committee of Experts of the ILO.





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