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    FKTU Appeals To Release and Reinstate Imprisoned Unionists

    14 April. Seoul FKTU President Lee Nam-Soon met Presidential Secretary for Domestic Affairs and appealed to him to include imprisoned unionists on the government Special Amnesty list on the occasion of the forthcoming Buddha Birthday holida...
    Date2003.05.23 Views205
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    Held National Women Workers Rally resolved a struggle for 30% women allotment

    On the occasion of the 95th World Womens Day. the FKTU held a National women Workers Rally in Seoul on 7th March. where some 1.000 women leaders and members attended. At this rally. the participants argued that Neo-liberalism has worsened t...
    Date2003.05.23 Views212
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    Celebrated the 57th anniversary of foundation where a new labour movement was de

    FKTU held the 57th anniversary event at the grand hall of seoul branch on 10th March. where it declared new labour movement and industrial relations. The celebration was progressed in sequence of reading its history and address of the presi...
    Date2003.05.23 Views200
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    2003 National Congress called for the unification of FKTU and KCTU

    On 26th February. the FKTU held 2003 National Congress in Seoul. where some 780 delegates from all around the country attended. The Congress began with a memorial ceremony of the patriots in the history of Korean trade union movement and th...
    Date2003.05.23 Views211
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    South korean union leaders from FKTU & KCTU met the union leaders of North Korea

    27 delegates visited pyongyang via Beijing from 11th to 15th March 2003 Agreed to hold 5 Events for the cooperation of trade unions and reunification of nation 27 leaders of FKTU and KCTU. headed by the presidents of both organisations. vis...
    Date2003.05.23 Views194
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    FKTU & KCTU. Collaborative Struggles against the War on Iraq and Dispatch of Kor

    The FKTU and KCTU in collaboration with other NGOs exerted organised struggles against the war on Iraq by US and UK. while the anti-war campaign was spreading all over the world. Both national centers of Korean trade unions held a series of...
    Date2003.05.23 Views207
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    Held a mass rally for all-out stuggle with 50.000 participants

    - Against War in Iraq and Dispatch of Korean Troops - Demand the Introduction of 5 Days Work System and the Abolition of discrimination on atypical workers - combined with Street March and Demonstration around Yoido Area On 30th March. the ...
    Date2003.05.23 Views213
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