FKTU to Fight Back against Government with General Strike

by fktu posted May 01, 2015


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FKTU to Fight Back against Government with General Strike

- National Workers' Rally in celebration of May Day -


The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) organized a National Workers' Rally with the aim of blocking the government's retrogressive reforms of labor market on May 1 in Seoul in celebration of the May Day.


The FKTU made it clear that it would wage a general strike if the government pushes ahead with the anti-labor reform plans.


KIM Dong-man, President of the FKTU, pointed out, "The current government is going backwards, attempting to introduce lower wages, easier dismissals and more precarious jobs."


He went on to say, "The Ministry of Strategy and Finance is trying to ease requirements for dismissal including layoffs of low-performance employees while the Ministry of Employment and Labour is pushing ahead with the guideline on the introduction of wage peak system and performance-based wage system. He stressed that the government's move would generate downward “race to the bottom" and constant job insecurity.


FKTU is committed to fighting back against the government with a general strike and will hold a vote on the strike at the end of May.




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