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  1. Mr. Jang Seok-Chun has been sworn in President of FKTU.

    - New President Jang stresses FKTU’ initiative in rejuvenating the economy as a responsible social player On February 28. FKTU held the inauguration and farewell ceremony for incoming President Jang and outgoing president Lee Yong-Deuk and ...
    Date2008.02.29 Views245
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  2. Mr. Jang Seok-chun Elected as New FKTU President. 29 Jan 2008

    Mr. Jang Seok-chun. President of the Federation of Korea Metalworkers’ Trade Unions (FKMTU). was elected as the 22nd President of FKTU in a landslide victory. FKTU held an electoral convention and elected its new leadership for the ne...
    Date2008.01.30 Views286
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    FKTU To Hold Presidential Election on 29 Jan

    FKTU will hold an electoral convention and elect its new leadership for the next three years in the Seoul 88 Gymnasium on 29 January. This is the first time in FKTUs history that the leadership is elected by the electoral college A presiden...
    Date2008.01.14 Views227
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    New Years Message from Lee Yong-deuk. President of FKTU. 1 Jan 2008

    Dear 15 million working people. happy new year! May the New Year. the year of the mouse which symbolizes fertility. happiness and new starts. bring your families and workplaces prosperity and happiness. I also extend greetings of hope and s...
    Date2008.01.07 Views230
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  5. Presidential Candidates Appeal for Support from FKTU Members

    FKTU held a National Workers Rally for the Successful Policy Coalition in the December 19 presidential election in Yoido Park on 24 November 2007. with more than 30.000 members participating. 5 Presidential candidates joined the rally and d...
    Date2007.11.26 Views261
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    FKTU Calls on Corporations to End Business Ties with Burma

    The following is an official letter of FKTU president Yong-deuk Lee to urge some of Korean companies to sever their business links with Burma. The letter was sent to the representatives of Daewoo International Corporation. Hyosung and Korea...
    Date2007.11.09 Views217
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  7. FKTU Announces Final Policy Demands with regard to Policy Coalition

    FKTU has announced its final policy demands to be delivered to each political party with regard to its policy coalition in the upcoming presidential election. The 10-point core demands. which were confirmed in the FKTU Central Political Com...
    Date2007.10.30 Views223
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  8. FKTU to hold a ballot of its members starting from Nov 28

    FKTU will hold a vote of its all members from November 28 to December 7 this year in order to decide which presidential candidate to support in the upcoming presidential election. The results of the vote will be made public on 9 December. P...
    Date2007.10.17 Views220
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  9. FKTU Announces Policy Demands ahead of Presidential Election

    The FKTU confirmed and announced its 14 policy demands to be delivered to presidential candidates ahead of the December 19 presidential election. The demands. which were decided by the FKTU Central Political Committee on 4 Oct 2007. include...
    Date2007.10.05 Views229
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    FKTU Delivers Protest Letter to Burmese Ambassador to Seoul

    The following is a FKTUs letter of protest letter delivered to the Burmese Ambassador to Seoul. urging him to take immediate action to stop violence against Burmese people and related statement released by the FKTU on 28 September 2007. Dea...
    Date2007.09.28 Views200
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  11. Joint Tripartite Statement on Non-regular Workers Protection Act

    We. representing the government. employers and workers. agree to the followings in a manner of: - recalling the win-win spirit enshrined in the Non-regular Workers Protection Act through dialogue and cooperation; - committing to let good em...
    Date2007.07.16 Views245
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  12. The Korea Labor Foundation Officially Launched on the Initiative of FKTU

    The Korea Labor Foundation. which will bring a new paradigm to the Korean industrial relations. was officially launched at CCMM building in Youido. Seoul on 25 June 2007. Establishment of the Foundation was initially been discussed in 2005 ...
    Date2007.06.26 Views222
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  13. FKTU General Secretary Delivers Speech at 96th ILC

    Dear Mr. Chair Sulka. Mr. Director-General Huan Somavia. Excellencies. distinguished delegates and guests! It is my great privilege to deliver my speech at this meaningful Conference on behalf of 15 million workers in the Republic of Korea....
    Date2007.06.20 Views291
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  14. FKTU Demands for Special Committee on FTAs

    The following statement on the Korea-US FTA is issued by the FKTU on 11 May 2007. The FKTU called on the government. in the statement. to set up a special committee dealing with the Korea-US FTA as well as future FTAs. Today. we announce ou...
    Date2007.05.19 Views335
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  15. May Day Marathon held by FKTU along with Migrant Workers

    The FKTU held the 2nd Marathon along with Korean nationals as well as migrant workers in celebration of the 117th May Day in Jamsil Sports Complex. Seoul on 1 May 2007 The marathon was designed to change the long-standing May Day culture wh...
    Date2007.05.02 Views236
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  16. A South-North Korean Workers’ Festival Kicks Off

    A joint festival of South and North Korean workers in celebration of May Day kicked off for a four day run in Changwon. South Korea on 29 April 2007. The festival. which celebrated its first round in Pyongyang. North Korea in 2004. is aimed...
    Date2007.04.30 Views966
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  17. Eradication of Industrial Accidents! Reforms of Industrial Accident Compensation

    The FKTU held a memorial in remembrance of the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers and reaffirmed its commitment to continuous efforts to reform industrial accident compensation insurance in front of the memorial to...
    Date2007.04.30 Views243
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    President Lee Conveys Condolencens for Virginia Victims

    Lee Yong-deuk. President of the FKTU conveyed his condolences mourning for the victims of the Virginia Tech by the shooting spree that occurred on 16 April 2007. The following is the full text of his condolence message delivered to Mr. John...
    Date2007.04.20 Views299
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  19. 76% of FKTU Members are in favor of Policy Coalition in Presidentional Election

    The FKTU has decided to seek a policy coalition with one of the presidential candidates in the upcoming presidential election to be held on 19 Dec 2007. based on the outcome of a recent poll conducted by the FKTU. According to the poll. 76....
    Date2007.04.13 Views306
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  20. FKTU denounces KORUS FTA as Unfair Closed-door Deal

    The FKTU strongly denounced the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA). which was concluded on 2 April 2007 after two extensions of the negotiating deadline. as a closed-door deal and unconditional concessions to the US. In a statement i...
    Date2007.04.06 Views241
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