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  1. FKTU Joins UN Global Compact

    The FKTU participated in the UN Global Compact for the first time as a trade union in Korea as of 29 March 2007. The FKTU is expected to take the lead in corporate social responsibilities (CSR) activities with its joining the Global Compact...
    Date2007.04.05 Views209
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    UN Should Step up Efforts to Resolve Comfort Women Issue

    The following letter is an appeal to Ban Ki-Moon. Secretary-General of the United Nations on the issue of comfort women made by Lee Yong-Deuk. President of the FKTU. Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. Secretary-General of the United Nations. On behalf o...
    Date2007.03.29 Views202
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  3. FKTU to Take the Initiative in Social Reformist Trade Union Movement - FKTU Cele

    The FKTU announced it would play a leading role in achieving social reforms by making people’s voices heard at a celebration to mark its 61st anniversary held in its headquarters on 9 March 2007. Yong-deuk Lee. President of the FKTU s...
    Date2007.03.12 Views225
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  4. FKTU to Decide 2007 Presidential Election Policies by Ballots of Its Members

    The FKTU made a decision to set up its policies on the 2007 presidential election by holding a ballot of all its members at the Annual National Congress held on 28 Feb 2007. The decision was made based on the principles of procedural transp...
    Date2007.03.06 Views276
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    FKTU demands 9.3% wage hike this year

    The FKTU announced 9.3% wage hike. or 217.240 KRW increase of the total monthly fixed wage (monthly fixed wage + bonus divided by the number of months) for this year at its Central Executive Committee on February 21. This demand was made ba...
    Date2007.03.05 Views230
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    FKTU Action Priorities for the Year 2007

    The FKTU has set action priorities for the year 2007 prior to its Annual National Conference to be held on 28 Feb 2007. The FKTU will try to move towards its new goal of ‘equal welfare society’ based on ‘trade union movement of participatio...
    Date2007.02.20 Views246
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  7. Strong protests against Kor-US FTA negotiations

    The FKTU. together with the Korean Alliance against Korea-US FTA. hold the 4th rally against the KorUS FTA and demanded for the immediate stop of the negotiations on 16 January in the midst of the 6th round of KorUS FTA negotiations which h...
    Date2007.01.18 Views223
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  8. New Years Celebrations in Mt. Gumgang

    The FKTU union members and their families had a tour of Mt. Gumgang in North Korea for New Years celebrations on 12-14 January 2007. Representatives of the FKTU met with North Korean trade union officials on the first of the tour and came t...
    Date2007.01.18 Views227
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  9. Let us make a new era together! - New Years Message from FKTU President Yong-De

    Dear sisters and brothers. businessmen. and civil servants! Heres wishing you all the best in the coming year. Last year was full of ups and downs. The roadmap for advanced industrial relations. which might have brought a calamity upon trad...
    Date2007.01.04 Views214
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    FKTU Welcomes the Passage of the Reform Bills. 22 Dec 2006

    The Roadmap for advanced industrial relations will be implemented as of July next year as the three major reform bills - Unions and Labor Relations Adjustment Act. The Act on Worker Participation and Promotion of Cooperation. and Labor Stan...
    Date2006.12.27 Views220
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    Denunciation of Daewoo’s Arms Equipment and Technology Export to Burma

    The following statement is jointly issued by the FKTU and NGOs to denounce Daewoo’s export of arms equipment and technology to Burma. The result of the investigation has turned out that Daewoo did exported arms equipment and technology to B...
    Date2006.12.20 Views213
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    FKTU’s Position on Korean Workers’ Rights and OECD Monitoring on Labor Relations

    The following statement was made by the FKTU at 117th OECD-TUAC Plenary Session held on 4 December with regard to the agenda labor rights in Korea and the monitoring process implemented by the OECD-ELSAC. * FKTU’s Position on Korean Workers...
    Date2006.12.20 Views226
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  13. 70.000 FKTU Union Members Joins the National Workers’ Rally: FKTU Demands Legisl

    The FKTU held a National Workers’ Rally in downtown Seoul on 25 November 2006 with 70.000 union members attending and demanded the legislation of labor reform bills which were agreed through social dialogue on 11 September. Yong-Deuk ...
    Date2006.11.30 Views243
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  14. The Joint Statement of Korea for the Third International Action Day Against Kore

    The following is the joint statement issued by the FKTU. together with several NGOs. on 15 Nov 2006 on the occasion of the 3rd International Action Day against Koreas involvement in Shwe Gas Development Project in Burma. Activists from labo...
    Date2006.11.17 Views213
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  15. FKTU President Delivers Speech at ITUC Founding Congress

    The FKTU delegation. who were participating in the founding congress of the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) held in Vienna. Austria on 1-3 November. extended a full support for the New International and made commitments to impleme...
    Date2006.11.07 Views234
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    The Prosecution Must Crack Down on Daewoo Internationals Suspicious Illegal Exp

    The following joint statement issued by the FKTU together with other to urge arthorities concerned to get to the bottom of the suspicion over Daewoo Internationals illegal exports of defense industry materials to Burma and to urge D...
    Date2006.09.27 Views250
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    Counterargument on Denunciation of Tripartite Negotiations : All the Process an

    The FKTU and the KCTU had been engaged in open negotiations on the Roadmap for industrial relations reforms for the last four months. and all the process and contents of the negotiations had been made public to the media. Especially. the FK...
    Date2006.09.22 Views225
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    FKTUs Position on the Tripartite Agreement on the Roadmap for Industrial Relati

    The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) would like to give historic meanings to the tripartite agreement on the new labor reform bills reached through social dialogue on 11 Sep 2006. At the same time. we feel a strong sense of responsi...
    Date2006.09.21 Views221
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  19. Roadmap for Reform Bill agreed bet. FKTU. Management and Govt

    The FKTU has reached an agreement on the Roadmap for Industrial Relations Reform after three-hour-long final negotiations with 4 representatives from management and government on 11 Sep 2006. According to the agreement. the enforcement of t...
    Date2006.09.13 Views346
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  20. FKTU Withdraws from 14th ILO-ARM in protest against Labor Ministers Unilateral

    The FKTU decided to immediately withdraw from the 14th ILO-ARM on 30 August 2006 in protest against the remarks made by the Korean Labor Minister Sang-Soo Lee in a breakfast meeting with reporters. Yong-Deuk Lee. President of the FKTU. deno...
    Date2006.09.04 Views214
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