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    International Symposium on Fundamental Workers Rights in Korea held prior to IL

    An international symposium on Fundamental Workers Rights in Korea in light of International Labour Standards was held one day before the opening of the 14th ILO Asian Regional Meeting scheduled on 29 August - 1 September. In the symposium. ...
    Date2006.09.04 Views205
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  2. AFL-CIO Sends Protest Letter to Korean Ambassador to US

    John Sweeney. President of the AFL-CIO. wrote a protest letter to the Ambassador of the ROK to the U.S. to express his deep concerns and outrage at the treatment of trade unionists and civil society leaders by the Korean police at the press...
    Date2006.07.14 Views234
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  3. Press Briefing to Secure Right to Organize in Blue Diamond Growers

    The FKTU. together with the KCTU. held a press briefing to highlight the need for safeguards for Blue Diamond Growers (BDG) workers at the FKTU headquarters on 11 July 2006. BDG workers. who have been under severe suppression of the company...
    Date2006.07.13 Views246
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  4. Korea-US Labor National Centers holds Joint Press Conference. 10 July

    The FKTU and the KCTU. together with their US counterparts. the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win. held a joint press conference demanding an immediate halt of the ongoing KORUS FTA talks in front of Silla Hotel in which the second round of the...
    Date2006.07.13 Views222
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  5. FKTU holds National Workers Rally against KORUS FTA and Roadmap. 8 July

    The FKTU held a National Workers Rally against the so-called Roadmap and the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA). downtown Seoul. 8 July 2006. The FKTU made a determination that it would stage all-out struggles to abolish the provisio...
    Date2006.07.13 Views231
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  6. FKTU Holds First Anniversary of Tae-Hwan Kims Death

    The FKTU held the first anniversary of Bro. Tae-Hwan Kims death. who led a cement workers strike demanding the recognition of workers status for workers in special employment relationships. on 13-14 June 2006. In the memorial service. FKTU ...
    Date2006.06.19 Views245
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  7. FKTU Launches Marathon on May Day

    The FKTU launched the 1st Marathon in conjunction with the Son Ki-Jung Marathon Foundation in celebration of the 116th May Day in Chamsil Sports Complex on May 1. A total of 13.000 FKTU members and citizens joined the marathon which was hel...
    Date2006.05.03 Views329
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  8. FKTU Hosts Week-Long 28 April OHS Events

    The FKTU declared it would make concerted efforts for the extermination of industrial accidents and the democratic reforms of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act. The FKTU designated the last week of April as the Memorial Week fo...
    Date2006.05.02 Views299
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  9. FKTU Celebrates 60th Anniversary

    The FKTU was reborn with a new image. The FKTU pronounced that it would open a new era of trade union movement by rejuvenating Korean trade union movement. which has been facing serious crises. on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary on 10 ...
    Date2006.03.20 Views238
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  10. FKTU Holds International Symposium on “Globalization and Trade Union Movement in

    The FKTU held an international symposium on “Globalization and Trade Union Movement in Korea” as part of its 60th anniversary events on 9 March 2006 in an effort to search for a new direction of trade union movement for the 21st...
    Date2006.03.20 Views227
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    FKTU to Celebrate 60th Anniversary

    The FKTU is planning to hold a series of events to mark its 60th Anniversary which falls on 10 March with the aim of re-establishing FKTU ideology based upon the retrospect of its 60 years of history. During the activities. the FKTU will fo...
    Date2006.02.24 Views245
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  12. FKTU to return to ‘Social Dialogue’

    The FKTU has announced that it would return to ‘Social Dialogue’ including the Tripartite Commission and the Central and Regional Labor Relations Commissions as of February 3. 2006. In a meeting of the Supreme Council of Represe...
    Date2006.02.03 Views213
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    FKTU Announces Standard Living Costs per Household for 2006

    FKTU Announces Standard Living Costs per Household for 2006 - KRW 4.221.933 per month for a four-member family (type 1)—Year-on-year increase of 6.6% On January 23. the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) announced its estimated ...
    Date2006.01.25 Views239
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  14. Joint Statement on Result of 11th Jan Mention on the 14 WTO Detainees

    RELEASE OF DETAINEES SHOW OUR STRUGGLE WAS JUST. OUR FIGHT AGAINST THE WTO WILL CONTINUE. On 11th January 2006. the 14 people who had been charged and detained by the Hong Kong authorities for the demonstration on 17th December against the ...
    Date2006.01.13 Views228
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  15. FKTU holds opening ceremony for the year 2006

    The FKTU resumed office business after holding an opening ceremony for the year 2006 in Mt. Cheonggye. 2 January 2006. Yong-deuk Lee. President of the FKTU. stressed in his new year’s message that the FKTU will make concerted efforts ...
    Date2006.01.04 Views214
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  16. FKTU Struggle Mission against WTO in Hong Kong (Dec 13-17. 2005)

    The FKTU Struggle Mission against the WTO safely returned Korea 18 Dec 2005 after the completion of its 5-day struggles in Hong Kong. During its stay in Hong Kong. the FKTU Mission launched a wide variety of rallies and events in collaborat...
    Date2005.12.25 Views230
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  17. FKTU holds National Workers Rally. 20 Nov 2005

    The FKTU held a National Workers’ Rally to secure legislation for the protection of non-regular workers and to block the so-called ‘Roadmap’ with its 40.000 union members attended in downtown Seoul on 20 November 2005. Lee...
    Date2005.11.28 Views235
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  18. ICFTU/APLN Conference (14-15 November 2005. Seoul. Korea)

    (ICFTU Online) ICFTU/APLN Conference (14-15 November 2005. Seoul. Korea) Meeting with Korean Prime Minister calls for union rights in Korea and union voice in APEC: Guy Ryder. the General Secretary of the International Confederation of Free...
    Date2005.11.18 Views244
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  19. FKTU Launches Campaign against Daewoo’s Involvement in Burma

    The FKTU. together with the KCTU and NGOs. held a joint press conference and rally in front of Daewoo International headquarters in Seoul on 14 October 2005. In the press conference. participants expressed deep concerns over possible violat...
    Date2005.10.14 Views253
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    KCTU-FKTU joint press release on Postponement of the ILO-Asian Regional Meeting

    1. The current circumstances clearly preclude a normal ILO-ARM in Korea: Under the present labor-government relations characterized by continued exclusion and repression of labor. it is crystal clear that the ILO-Asian Regional Meeting (ILO...
    Date2005.09.05 Views221
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